A Dream of Making Spaghetti


I had a dream that I was making spaghetti -boiling it up in a big pan. The kids used to love spaghetti, it was easy and tasty. Anyway, I was thinking about the meaning of everything and I asked for a sign (in my dream).

Then something started to happen to the spaghetti boiling in the pan. It took on a life of its own and the strands of spaghetti started to wiggle their way out of the pan and onto the counter. It was like a bunch of little garden snakes writhing in a mass.

They crawled along the counter top then started to take shape. Slowly they formed into what looked like a paragraph of words and symbols. Could this be the sign I had asked for? Was this the answer to my quest?

I looked at the writing very carefully and was dumbfounded to realize the answer came to me in Arabic. Well, I don't speak Arabic, let alone read it. Just my luck I thought as the spaghetti crawled itself back into the pan.