A Thin Golden Ring

Many, many years ago I fell in love with a woman. It was a true case of love at first sight and it hit me like a sledgehammer. I got to know her as a friend and everytime she smiled at me my heart ached with love. I soaked up everything she said and reviewed it carefully in my mind. The way she looked, the things she said and everything about her made me ache. But I never told her how I felt. Even if she would have laughed at my feelings it would have been better than holding onto a great unrequite.

Anyway, Last night, out of the blue, I had a dream about her.

I saw her at a party, she was older of course, and she cut her hair which was a surpirse. I glanced at her hand to see if she was married and there was a very thin golden ring on her finger. It was so thin that it looked worry worn and about to fall off. It was as thin as paper.

You can read the easy symbolism of that but what happened next was unexpected. She looked into my eyes then leaned in close to my ear and in an imploring voice said "PLease Call Me" then walked away.

Now what do I make of this? Is it just the dream of a man reminiscing about a full heart many years ago and wishing for something he never had? Or is it something more. There are threads that tie us all together in one big Karass. Or is she and I in a Karass of our own? Did I misstep all those years ago and disappoint the others in my Karass?

I don't know if the dream message is true or just subconscious stuff brought up. I don't know where she lives, if she is married, or even if she is still alive. Or for that matter if she has given me one second worth of thought over these many years.

I do know that it is not possible for me to break the sanctity of the ring; if there is one.