I was young and she was young

Her doctor was a nice guy with bulging eyes and I used to call him "Ol Fish Eyes"
That would always make her laugh.

Things took a turn for the worse and there was a dizzy buzzing in my ears when Ol Fish Eyes turned to me and said I would have to leave the delivery room. He further explained that there was a waiting room down the corridor.

I went to the waiting room and stood in the doorway for several hours. People came and went in a very big hurry.

Finally, as time crawled to a stop, Ol Fish eyes came out of that room and walked down the hallway toward me. I can still very vividly remember the series of crimson footsteps he left on the white corridor floor leading from that room to me.

"She and the baby are going to be alright." was all he said as he pointed one eye at me.

The world snapped back into place for me when a nurse pointed at the floor, scowled at him and said "I will get you a mop".

Ol fish eyes died a few years later
She died eleven years later
And the beautiful baby boy died twenty four years later

Some paths are a difficult journey of crimson footsteps