Some Thoughts on the passing of Michael Crichton



I have always felt a connection with Michael Crichton. We just seemed to think alike. He was the oldest of four with three younger sisters just as I am. He was a tall man (6'7") and I am tall but not that tall (6'2") . But most of all he had this unquenchable curiosity about the world, technology, people and well just about everything.

I am going to tell you about his best novel, which you probably never heard of. It is my favorite of all his works. Of course you know that he wrote Jurassic Park, Congo, The Andromeda Strain, Disclosure, Rising Sun, etc. All of these were turned into Movies. And you may even know that he was the creator of the hit tv show "ER" . But did you know that he also directed quite a few movies?

Ok, enough of all of that, we all know that he was an accomplished man but there was something more to him. He was a seeker of truth. He traveled the world both looking for answers inside and outside. And he tells this story in his litttle known book called "Travels"

This book isn't just a story, or it isn't just science run amok. It is personal to him and it is a probing into the meaning of things. Its a wonderful book. And the use of the word Travels means both the external kind and the internal kind. I recently saw an episode of Charlie Rose where he showed clips from the various interviews he has had with Michael over the years and I was shocked to hear Michael say that "Travels" was the work he was most proud of. - Just another thing we have in common I guess.

Now I find myself wondering if Michael has found all the answers now that he has traveled across that last and most mysterious border between lands.

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On this website I have maintained purity in that there are no advertisements and no sales of materials of any kind. I feel this site is something that must remain pure of commercialism. But I do have the very strong urge to recommend you get the book Travels.

Here is a link to it on This is a direct link to the book and It has no affiliation with me or my website. I do not get any profit from it. I think though that if you buy it you will gain quite a large profit from it.

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