A Dragon Swallowing the Moon


I just recently returned from a Trip to Japan. It was a wonderful trip all the way around and I had a lot of goals to accomplish while I was there. It was a business trip, a vacation and a sojourn. One of the goals I really wanted to accomplish was to get myself a real samurai sword while I was there. I just figured it was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up.

Something happened; Let me tell you about it. Traveling over there was quite taxing, it took a total of 31 hours to get from doorstep to doorstep and I was quite exhausted when I finally did arrive after 3 airplanes and 4 airports, 1 bus, 1 car ride, 30 minutes of walking and some big layovers in between flights.

Anyway, about an hour after I finally arrived at my destination, it was roughly 11pm Japan time, I went outside to soak in the feeling, smells, and sights of a new land. Each land has its own distinct feeling and this is something I am very familiar with. I marveled at how I had traveled almost exactly half way around this big beautiful globe of ours. And I was enjoying the feeling as I listened to strange insects chirp away.

Well, I looked up at the moon because I knew that no matter where I was on this blue planet the moon would still be the same. And I was absolutely shocked. (This is true) There was a massive cloud formed in the shape of a dragon, really, it had a large head, a very long undulating body, and its mouth was wide open. This is the absolute truth. It wasn't a cloud that kind of looked like a dragon. It was a cloud that "LOOKED" like a dragon. It was amazing and my jaw dropeed. But here is where the story gets surreal. The dragon, with its mouth open, just moved along the sky and swallowed the moon. Yes, the mouth was wide open and it just passed perfectly so the moon fell right into its mouth.

I was flabbergasted. Was this a message of some sort? A coincidence? Just a case of overactive imagination, combined with complete exhaustion and then mixed with a good dose of Pariedolia?

Over the course of my stay in Japan I thought about the message of the moon and the dragon and nothing really came to me as to the why of it.

And this is where we return to the Samurai Sword. As I said, one of my goals was to find myself a real samurai sword. And I embarked on this journey with gusto but I defintely ran into some problems with the whole quest. I was in a strange land and I spoke very little of the language, and I had no clue as to what to buy, how much to pay, or even where I should go. But over the course of about the next ten days I found little places in various cities that sold what appeared to be nice swords.

But I still didn't buy one. I still didn't know what was right and what I really should do. Until I saw this one particular sword. It had a hand painted dragon and moon on the sheath. And It just felt like this was my sword.

Let Anyway, I still don't know if this was coincidence, a message or something deeper. But I do have the sword and here is a closeup of the dragon and the moon.