A Japanese Castle, Manifestation, and "The Secret"

You have no doubt heard of "The Secret". It is very popular and it is very true. One of the mysteries of the universe is that the universe really will bend to give you experiences that you think about. What you think about sets wheels in motion. Offering thoughts are formulating your future experience. (Here is a link to a video about the secret) This is true. I have had many experiences in my life that are good examples of this, although I didn't realize that this is what was happening. I tended to think of it as synchronicity. and right now I am not going to give you these examples. I am going to give you only the most recent one.

I have a real love of Medieval Castles. This is evident by my websites, and in particular my medieval castle website . A couple of years ago while doing research I ran across a snippet of information about a real medieval castle in Japan. I was floored! Wow! So I started looking for it online and to tell the truth I found lots of medieval japanese castles. But it seems that I have not found the one I am envisioning in my mind. I am picturing something exactly camelot - displaced into Japan. This has been haunting me for a couple of years now.

Well, since then my sister, her husband (who is in the military) has been stationed in Japan. And out of the blue she sends me an email about this medieval castle she visited there. Whoa! Are things converging here? Yes they are. I took a look at my frequent flyer account and I have enough for a free round trip to Japan. Nice! I haven't seen my sister and my precious nieces for a while. It would be great to go over there and see them all! And in the process get to see a Japanese Medieval Castle. I fly this summer.

How does this all sound? It is really quite amazing how the universe works. This isn't just happenstance. It is a doorway that opens for you and makes things possible and makes them happen. It doesn't happen in ways you expect, but it does happen. Its a mystery, an enigma and a beautiful thing! I really am grateful to the universe for mystery.