Another Dream of Her

IIn order to understand this chatauqua you should first read my 2008 story. This one is a continuation of that one: (Click on the ring to go there)

A Thin Golden Ring


II had another dream about her last night. I met a young girl on the street, she was maybe ten or twelve. She stopped to talk to me and beckoned me to follow her. I followed her to a house. And there inside the house was the woman (the one the ring is about) She was just as beautiful as ever.

But she was angry with me and I didn't know why. I tried to talk to her but she wouldn't talk. I tried to talk to the young girl to get an explanation but we had difficulty communicating. I again looked to the woman and my heart skipped a beat, it always did when I looked at her. She walked over to me and sat down on a hassock and looked at me. The closeness of her made me feel good.

But something terrible came to me. I realized she had cancer and she was dying. My thought was that this is why she is angry with me. You see, maybe, last year she had called out for my help but I refused because of that thin golden ring. And now maybe it was too late for me to help - so the anger.

So the question remains in my mind: Is this real? Is she really calling out to me, does she really need my help? Is it too late? Or is this just all in my head?

The universe is a very mysterious place and it works in very secretive and cryptic ways. I have had dreams that have come eerily true in unexpected ways. So what should I do? Wait until the next life because I didn't do things right this life?