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And then there were two


For the past few years I have been going for a morning walk in a nearby cemetary I used to run but now I walk. This change from running to walking is a natural progression in my life. Things are always as they are supposed to be.

There is a big beautiful bird of prey that lives in this cemetary. Even though it is right in the middle of a city it is a great place for the bird to live. In true form to a cemetary it has a lot of dead and rotting trees. These trees are home to lots of insects which means there are lots of mice which means it is a rich place for a bird of prey to live. In the dying of cemetary trees life springs.

Well anyway, the bird and I have become friends of a sort over the years. For a long time he would spot me as I entered the cemetary, let out a scream and fly off from wherever he was perched. But with time he came to know me and now he just sits and watches. No more screeching and flying off.

His featherAnd one morning earlier this year he left me a feather. It was right in the middle of the path I walk every morning. What a wonderful gift. I keep it on my desk in a pencil holder and I am grateful for it.

Well, for a long time we were buddies, just me and him, every morning greeting each other and the sun. Enjoying the progression of daily life and the intersecting of our circles.

I didn't see him that day. After that gift, in the middle of spring he disappeared. I didn't see him for a month. Every morning I looked but never saw him. I interpreted the feather as a parting gift. A thanks for the companionship, but now I must go.

But about a month ago he surprised me. I heard the typical screech as I entered the cemetary. My heart lifted in joy. He was back! But it wasn't him that screeched. It was his mate. It was another bird. But there he was, sitting on one of his favorite brances, smug and proud of his accomplishment. He had traveled off, found her and brought her back to his home - our morning meeting place.

It was his mate that screeched and flew off. From that time on, his familiarity with me, as friends, doesn't give him any concern. He just patiently watches me, "yup, thats the human that walks in circles around the trees". But his mate is still skeptical and still flies off every morning.

The picture of him looking at meThis morning (Dec 8) I was shocked to see him and his mate perched on a branch right over my walking path. He knows how I walk every morning and he knew I would pass under. His mate screeched and flew off but he just watched me as I passed under. It stunned me how close he allowed me to get. I think there was pride in him. He wanted me to see his love and he wanted her to know that I was a friend.

I passed another loop and there he still sat. It was a joy. Several more loops and I finished my walk and went home, grabbed my camera and went back. There he still sat. I got a little close but didn't want to spook him so I stood at a distance and took his picture and a video of his mate screeching in a circle around us. (The picture at left is the picture) and the video below is the actual video of his mate screeching and flying.


A certain joy comes over me when I think about how proud he must be to have found his other, his meaning, his companion in flight. His life progresses as it should and everything is good. I guess it's my turn.

(Turn the volume way up to hear her screech)