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The day before Father's Day 2010

There was a corvette show in a nearby city and I had been looking forward to it. I asked my son if he wanted to go along and he really was enthusiastic about it. He is really into cars, I am not, but I do like Corvettes, always have. On our way to the show we passed by a car dealership that was having a Mustang show. He really got excited about that one and we bantered back and forth about how Corvettes tended to by my generation and Mustangs tended to be his.

I claimed it was the elegance of the Corvette and he claimed it was the power of the Mustang.

After the Corvette show we drove down to the Mustang show.

Eventually we had our fill of cars, summer sun, and free cheeseburgers so we left and head back home.

It was at a certain wooded point along the single lane highway that I spotted a big bird of prey circling about a hundred feet above and in front of us. I pointed to it and my son craned his neck to get a look up at it.

He was quiet for a few moments then recollected a story for me.

"I remember this time me and my friend were walking down by the Globe four corners and we spotted a hawk flying through the air. It was carrying a fish in it's talons. You know where that is right?" I nodded my head and he continued. "And it was being harrassed by a seagull. The seagull was trying to steal the fish from it! It was just amazing and you know that spot is quite a distance from the river." I nodded my head again.

This evoked a train of thought in me and I opened a discussion.

"Isn't it amazing how these two different creatures have taken different tacts on their life?" He didn't know yet what I was driving toward and I continued.

"Well, the hawk has decided that right for him is to develop his skills and strength, venture out into the world, work hard, and achieve what he needs for himself and his family. While the seagull has taken a different path. It has decided it better to let someone else put in the effort and the work then capitailze on it."

I continued.

"For these creatures each is right. Each follows its nature. Each follows the path that has been prescribed for it. But with humans it isn't quite the same because we know the difference and we have the ability to choose our own path."

He got what I was saying and we launched into a discussion about it. And at one point he paused and proudly proclaimed of himself: "I am defintely a hawk. "

You can pile up all the corvettes, mustangs, ties, lawn mowers, horseshoes, wallets, shirts, socks, and golf clubs and put them on a big father's day gift plate and it would all pale in comparison to the gift of those five words.