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This is a real diorama. It isn't a made up picture. Although I really wanted to give it a certain unworldly look.


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I had been giving a lot of thought to what this years front page would look like and found myself already in February and I still hadn't updated this website for the new year. Well, I started rummaging around in my head for an idea that would be cool and "diorama" popped. I do make dioramas. And well, it would be pretty expressive. So, here it is the single tree diorama.

This idea is actually a scene from my upcoming novel "The Left Handed Sword". So there you go! It all fits very nicely.

There are still a few things that I haven't decided on but we will see what happens as the year progress. For example I have always had this idea about a tree that grows glass apples. And each apple of the tree is a story. Well, seems pretty good for this! So, you may see this tree sprout glass apples as stories are added. Or maybe not.

And, one thing that I think is really neat is that the diorama will change over the course of this year. As you see it in the beginning of the year (February) it is snow bound. And, as the seasons change I will change the diorama to reflect the world I see and live in. That will be a lot of fun.

The Metaphor (or simile) of the tree

Everything has meaning and the tree itself is no exception. Is is a time worn and seasoned tree. It has seen a lot of life and is now waning in its potency. But nonetheless beautiful in its own way. Easy enough to see the simile there :)

I also have some cool pictures about the making of the Tree Diorama here



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