Bird and Me Year Four


It's a really sad thing - the cycle of life. It is the natural order of things but nonetheless sad.

You see I think bird has lost its mate. That indescribable her that made his life complete.

For a few days I had seen only bird in the cemetary. He was alone, much like he was those few years ago. Then one day during my walk he spotted me as he always did. And flew right by me to sit on a low branch of a tree near a wall. He turned his back on me and just stared over the wall, down into a section where there are railroad tracks. I was maybe 30 feet away from him. It was very peculiar.

The next morning I returned to my walk and he was still in that same spot, looking down on the railroad tracks. A sadness of lost overwhelmed me. Bird was in mourning and trying to tell me so. I felt it. Bird has suffered a loss. And he needed to share that with me. I share in the loss... know how that feels.

We are all connected and if you are open, your heart can beat in rhythm to other things... you can feel and empathize.

I hope bird can recover from this.


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