Maybe the Meaning of Life also searches for me



I am very passionate about the meaning of life. I am always looking to unwrap the mystery.. I really try. You can check out my blog about it here

Anyway, There is a painting that has been on my meaning of life list. It is by Gauguin and entitled:
Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

And it's important to me because I thought maybe this artist (Gauguin) could offer me an insight.
It makes periodic stays at the MFA in Boston. Which is about an hour drive from me. And well, for years I thought about it. But, my life kept moving forward and I never really made the time to go. Life can get busy.


A couple of weeks ago a dear family member found herself in a hospital in Boston. She is ok. She is staying with a loved one in the hospital. Well, being only an hour away I went up there to spend a day with her. I thought I could get her out of the hospital for a walk, and maybe something to eat for a few hours. Just to let her know she is cared about and she has family there for her.

Well, while in the hospital I asked her if there was anything special she wanted to do. She said that there is a big museum not far and that she has never been in a big museum.

Imagine my shock when I realized it was the MFA, right around the corner. I wondered to myself if the Gauguin was there.

We walked to the museum. Then went to the help counter where I asked the woman if the Gauguin was there. "You are very lucky! It's only here for a month and it's leaving soon" was her reply.

She took us down a corrider then around a corner. And there it was. I got pretty choked up.



You know, It's the strangest thing about the meaning of life.
It is quite possible the Gauguin came to me and not I to it.

It is really remarkable that in considering all of this and the circumstances of how I came to see the Gauguin is is quite possible
that I have been given an insight into the meaning of life.






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