A visit from Ditto

On Sunday night Ditto paid me a visit.

I was laying in bed and I felt him jump up at the foot of the bed. Then he walked up the length of the bed to my face. I lifted the blanket and spread out my arm. He nestled into the crook of my armpit. He loved to do this. I loved it too. He did this every night for at least a decade. It was our routine. He looked forward to me going to bed so we could just share that time together. It is Autumn so getting a bit chilly. Maybe he wanted some warmth.

The thing about this is that I haven't heard from him since four days after he died.

So I am left puzzled. Was he telling me it is ok to get another cat? Was he telling me it wasn't ok to get another cat? Is that not it at all? Did he just want to cuddle one last time. He did love it so.

But the strange thing about all this is that it is almost exactly nine months since he died. Yes, almost exactly. And now he pays me a visit. Is this one last visit? One last moment of love between the two of us? The nine month thing does cause me to pause and think. Is it possible that Ditto has been gestating? Soon to be born -as a human? Did he simply want to pay me one more visit before he starts his new life?




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