First a bit of background.

I love to blacksmith. It is something that has been a desire for a long time. Now I make knives and swords, a few other things too. And another little tid bit about me is that I am not too keen about horses. They never appear in my novels. I have ridden a few yes. But I am not very fond of them. They give me a feeling - too big, too unpredictable, and too un-readable.

Ok, now the story.

Last Sunday I was visiting family, over my sisters house. There were a few people there and I was talking to someone. The conversation came around to my blacksmithing and I was telling someone about the smithing I do. My mom was listening to the conversation and added a tid bit.

"Did you know that your great grandfather 'my grandfather' was a blacksmith?" She paused. Hmm.. "I don't remember much. He died when I was very young. There was something about a horse. I think he was kicked and killed by a horse."

This is a true story. All of it. Maybe it's a coincidence or maybe a mystery abounds.





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