Irish BarMaid

Nothing really deep here just a little story. true

I took a trip to Ireland. I wanted to see as many castles as I could. It was a fun trip. But of course all my friends and family were constantly telling me that I had to experience an Irish pub. It's the thing that Ireland is most famous for. Somebody even told me about a hotel and pub in Dublin that is owned by Bono of U2. I really didn't care much to do it. I figured the pubs are over-rated. I had castles to visit.

So, one evening, a thursday, I had a few hours and it was evening. So I head out through the city looking for which pub to stop in. Well, there are a lot of pubs and I walked by several of them, pausing to listen or look it. They all were very crowded and very noisy. Nah.. I just kept moving along. Until finally, while walking down a side street I spotted writing over a door and window that said "The smallest pub in Dublin". Hmmmm.... I thought.

I looked in and it was perfect. Very small, small bar and just two patrons.

I sat at the bar and a beautiful red-headed barmaid (in her 30's, maybe early 40's) asked me what I wanted to drink. I ordered a Guinness.

The barmaid and I struck up a wonderful conversation about life, guinness, and Boston. She had visited Boston a couple of times and loved it. She was genuinely interested in me. I could feel it. My thoughts quickly went to beautiful things when she asked me what hotel I was staying in. We parted ways once I finally finished by Guinness. But I was left with a wonderful feeling about the pubs in Ireland.

You know, maybe the pubs in Ireland aren't over-rated.

Life is a funny thing. And when it really comes down to it people are everything. Much more than castles. It's all about relationships and experiences.




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