Saudade The Taj and a single Earring-

I have been feeling something in my life lately. It is something a bit difficult to describe but there is a portuguese word that describes the feeling perfectly. It is "Saudade". A sense of yearning or longing for someone or something.

This is a famous painting by a Portuguese artist entitled "Saudade". It depicts a Portuguese woman in a window reading a letter. And she is crying. Now this is all my imagining but the Portuguese for hundreds of years were famous for the men sailing off around the world for very long periods of time. So this scene is something that was probably very common.

And as odd as it sounds. The habit of the men sailing off for long periods of time might have something to do with why Portuguese women are among the most beautiful in the world. It could keep a man home. It could dissuade him from his wanderlust.

Anyhoo..... back to my story.


I have been feeling a deep sense of Saudade in my life. It is a wonderful thing though. I embrace it. It drives me - the yearning, to find someone to share life with. It is a potent thing. And upon contemplating this I felt India calling me. This is because of the Taj Mahal and the story behind it. It is the story of a man falling in love with a woman at first sight and then eventually marrying her. She died years later from complications of child birth. It was the 14th child she bore him. And he swore to her on her death bed that he would build for her something the world has never seen. And thus was born the Taj Mahal. You see, a woman can bear children. There is nothing to compare to that. And a woman can bear a child for a man. It is the greatest of things. And compared to this act a stone building is but a mote.

But, I do admire what the man did. The Taj Mahal is a beautiful mote.

And I had to go see it. I had to stand in it's presence to contemplate my saudade.

Well.... while there I found an earring. Just like that. Laying on the ground in the Indian sunlight. I don't know how long it was there and how many people walked right over it. I picked it up and brought it home with me. It is a glass slipper of sorts.......




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