Ten Years After


Last week I was looking for some writing I had done a few months back. And once I started poking through my file cabinets and boxes of paper I decided to have some fun and make an evening of sorting through all of it. I went late into the night with this and I really enjoyed it. There was a lot of old writing that reinvigorated me. I didn't find the specific snippet I was looking for. But..... I did find something else that has had a profound effect on me.

It wa this small page of paper torn out of a little spiral bound notebook. And it was tucked in an envelope.

Today, while writing this webpage I am 53 years old. SO, this note is ten years old. I was 43 when I wrote it. It had writing on the front and on the back. The pics above show both sides. Here is what the note says:

What do I want?
I want to quite my job but keep my home.
How can I achieve this?


Work makes me unhappy,
absorbs my thinking and
energy. I want to free
myself of this. I am
43 years old. And have
not seen it. It's like
a poison that sets
into you. I can see
myself dying and it all
coming to naught. There are
people who were in my life
who are now gone.

-SIDE 2-

What do I think I would enjoy?
cuckoo/grandfather clocks
creating a world


The whole thing was like a revelation to me. And it made me think of the Jeff Beck Band "Ten Years After" and the song "I'd love to change the world". While I haven't changed the external win I have dramatically changed my internal world and this little space around me I call my life.

Finding this little piece of paper was a wonderful experience for me because in the past ten years I have done a lot of this. I have changed my life, quit my job, kept my home, written four books, traveled the world, done a lot of artwork, made a whole lot of dioramas and models. and more..... I am left with a tremendous sense of gratitude for the feeling of being dissatisfied and gratitude for you, the curious web visitor who has made all this possible in my life.

I will be writing out another sheet that will outline the next ten years. Be sure to check back in ten years to see what my life has become.




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