My First Novel

Fulcrum Shift is a fantasy novel filled with dark terror, mythical creatures, and pulse-pounding, sword-wielding action.

A Magical Power Long ForgottenThe Fulcrum is a magical stone with tremendous power that was created by a race of people now long gone from the earth. They created it and the nine nexus stones to control the earth, but the Fulcrum's power destroyed them and nearly destroyed the earth. The Fulcrum and the nexus stones were buried and nearly forgotten for many generations.

Danger Uncovered

The evil Lord Balther has unearthed the Fulcrum and he is using its power to twist men and the earth into unnatural ruin. If he can also find the nine nexus stones his power will be complete and his evil horde of goblins and demons will destroy the earth.

A Hero's Quest

The only thing that can stop Balther's evil plan is Viss and his small band of companions. Travel with Viss as he covers the unique power that each nexus stone possesses, and uncovers the secrets of his own forgotten past.

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How to Make Fantasy and Medieval Dioramas

This books shows you how to make fantasy and medieval dioramas using many commonly available tools and materials. There are over 100 pictures and illustrations showing you how to make great dioramas in fantasy and medieval styles. Chapters include basics, water effects, terrain tips and special effects like electricity and small motors. Tutorials include how to use foam, plaster of paris and paper mache to make great looking dioramas.

How to Make Fantasy and Medieval Dioramas

My Second Novel


This is one of those profound little books that sends ideas out into the world like a shockwave. It is an Epic Fantasy adventure that goes beyond fantasy and examines the basic questions of heroism, genius, and the quest that every hero must undertake. Travel with Bosch as he embarks on his journey to accomplish his quest and watch as he struggles to overcome the obstacles both external and internal that every hero must face.

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The Secret Art of Mead Making Revealed

About Mead
Mead is wine that is made with honey rather than grapes and it has a distinct sweetness and full bodied richness that can't be had from grape derived wine. It is famous for being the drink of choice during medieval times and it is now gaining a renaissance in popularity.

And mead is also famous for its flexibility in the fermenting. You can make it with any number of fruits or spices - giving it a wonderful varied flavor.

About This Book
Mead is not difficult to make and you can brew up your first batch in an hour. All it really takes is water, honey, and yeast. And this book is a clearly written guide to how to do it.

e-book on Mead Making


I have written a fifteen page e-booklet that tells you exactly how to make a first batch of mead - successfully. I take all the mystery out of the process and help you make a simple and easy one gallon batch.

Have you ever wanted to make your own Mead Honey wine but just didn't know how to go about doing it? Or maybe you have made some mead and are still a beginner looking for a great and easy way to do it?

This e-booklet is for you. There are a lot of different ways you can make mead and I have taken the best of the best here and I give you a process that will produce a great tasting mead - easily and successfully.

Once you have gathered all the materials you can have your first batch completed in less than an hour. It won't be ready to drink but it will be starting it's ferment and pretty much all you will have to do is let it age.

And it is a simple one gallon batch. This way you don't have to make the investment it takes to do a traditional 5 gallon batch.

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e-book on making a fruit Mead


Mead is a wonderful drink and plain mead is pretty good but when you start adding fruits to the mead you come up with something spectacular. Who can resist a honey wine made with their favorite fruit? How about something like pear, strawberry, cranberry, cherry, apple or something else?

It is in the addition of fruits where mead shines. The basic mead of honey and water is a wonderful palette that can be flavored in many delicious ways and this is what this ebooklet tells you how to do.

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eBook on Terrarium Making

Actually this was a wonderful week in my life. After a long talk with my sister about getting some goals done I decided to Write this ebook on terrarium making. It had been on my list for a long time. I spent about 60 hours one week and made three terrariums specifically for this book. Feels good to get it done. 40 pages

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