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  • Zen and the Art of Classical Guitar - An essay about guitar and life
  • Andres Segovia A page about the Maestro himself: some interesting information about the man and how he changed the world of classical music.Andres Segovia
  • The Classical Guitar is the perfect Instrument for a Child to learn. There is no arguing with the fact that teaching a child to learn an instrument is something that can potentially bring him or her a lifetime of joy and enrichment. But keeping a child interested in practicing can be a challenge. Among all the instruments that a child can learn how to play the classical guitar is among the best. Here are the reasons.
  • A Suggested Repertoire for Beginners Looking for suggestions on what to Play? I have a great repertoire of pieces picked out. They are aimed at the beginner and cover a broad range from straight classical to spanish guitar. This is a great selection that will give you a good variety of play.
  • Hand picked recommendations of Classical guitar sheet music - I have a selection of individual sheet music with notes and comments about each piece. Guitarist Repertoire
  • How to advance quickly from a beginner to an intermediate classical guitarist Article
  • Forget about learning TAB and learn how to read sheet music -Here's Why
  • Passion for classical guitar! That's what I have. How did this passion develop? read my essay
  • A business trip to Spain had a profound impact on my playing. Read about it here

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