My Other Websites

Major Websites

I have thousands of pages of websites, essays, articles, projects and tutorials. Here are some of the major sites.

The Philosopher's Garden - A new web section that blends philosophy and gardening. - My First and biggest site, all my projects, writing and stuff is here. Thousands of pages of stuff from the mind of Will.

Heroic Dreams Blog - Daily dose of all things medieval from fantasy to books, to historical, knights, weapons and more. - This site focuses on fantasy in books and movies. - All about the genre of epic fantasy with books, reviews, movies and essays. - the site devoted to medieval knights. - Tutorial site all about how to make your own video games. Under Construction

Medieval Castles site - All about Medieval Castles

Medieval Swords site - All About Medieval Swords

The Medieval Site - Everything Medieval from swords to knights, castles and more

Fantasy Guide - the guide to fantasy on the web, books, movies, reviews, games and more.


Project Sub-Sites

Miniatures - all about fantasy miniatures from painting them to making dioramas.

Catapult Crazy - All about catapults and how to make miniature versions.

The Little Dragon Trebuchet - Nice project on how to make a miniature trebuchet

The Fantasy Art School - My fantasy art school where you learn how to draw using all kinds of medieval and fantasy subjects from knights to unicorns.

Terrarium Man - My subsite all about terrariums and how to make them.

How to Make Video Games - Very popular site with lots of tutorials on how to make video games for free.

Dioramas - Popular site with tutorials on how to make dioramas, paint miniatures and more.

For Fantasy Writers - My articles giving advice and help on how to write fantasy.

The Search for the Meaning of Life website