Sojourning is for two

An Artist's LifeHi and thankyou for visiting this webpage. My name is Will and I am looking for a woman to share life with. No beating around the bush, no headgames, just the straight forward truth. That is what I am looking for and that is why I made this webpage.

A Little Bit about me.

I am 50 years old and have done and seen a few interesting things in my life - and I have plans for a lot more to come. I intend for 2012 to be a exceptional year and I have a written set of goals to achieve in the year. Finding you is the first thing on that list.


First off, I am not your typical guy, true that I am six foot two and 210 pounds and I have a bit of a presence around people but even though I look a little rough and tumble I am an exceptionally gentle man. I have been called the Gentle Giant. Now this doesn't mean that I am weak and passive it just means that I have a very gentle and thoughtful side to me. One of the manifestations of this is that I am a good Classical Guitarist. I have been playing for some twenty years now.

About My life going forward. I am an empty nester with two sons in their early twenties and now I have embarked on a new phase in my life. I have reset my goals and taken a good look at the things I want from life. I am looking forward to doing substantial World Trekking, having already seen a bit of the world I am very much looking forward to seeing more.

I am also laying out a non-traditional way of life in that having worked a variety of interesting jobs from small companies to fortune 500 companies. I fully intend to never work another job in my lifetime. I am now pursuing a career as my own person with my own style of work which includes playing classical music, building and designing websites, doing craft like projects with my hands and writing novels. I am currently working out of a home office. If you want to learn more about my websites or my novels you can easily google my name and come up with a lot of stuff. If you want to directly take a look at my novels you can just do an author search on or Barnes & (

About My Hands

My hands are very important to me and I think they take up about 90% of my brain space. I play classical guitar every day and I practice art (mainly pencil drawings) on an almost daily basis. I also do many different types of crafts and projects; sculpture is on my list of things to learn about. My goals include getting a well rounded ability in these very different pursuits from music to art and writing because I don't believe in specilization or in expertise. I enjoy and follow many different pursuits.

Well, I have to say thank you for having read all the way through this! It is very encouraging and I guess that maybe you might be interested in learning more about me or maybe even in meeting me. But before we go forward I want to describe to you the woman I am looking for.

About You

You must be slender and have long beautiful dark hair. Either a bit tall or a bit short is a definite plus. I find both petite women and tall women very attractive. You must have an unusually heightened haptic sense and the ability to communicate well in non verbal ways.

Are you European or of European descent? Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Czechoslovakian, Romanian, German, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Russian, Polish? These are all a big plus. Do you speak a second language or is English your second language? Another very big plus! It will be fun for me to learn another language.

Career? If you have strong feelings about pursuing a career then I am not a good match for you. I am not looking for a woman to spend time with from 7pm to 10pm. I am looking for a woman who wants to fully intertwine herself in a new life together with me. Can you not think about the career for a month if we jaunt off to the south of France?

Artistic Career? This could be an exception to the career role because an artists life can be very non 9-5. Are you a potter, painter, jewelry maker, writer, poet, musician, sculptor, writer? I find artistic women extraordinary attractive in the ways they think about life.

Socio-Ecomonic Status? - How much money you make, what kind of car you drive, what kind of cellphone you use, or what kind of house you live in means absolutely nothing to me. If these things are important to you I am probably not a good match because I don't have a cellphone, a nice car, a good job, or a nice house. :)

About the cellphone thing - I don't own one and never have. And if you can't live without a cellphone then I am probably not a good match for you. This relates to the non-verbal communication thing. But know this: When you do talk you will have 100% of my full attention. I will very carefully listen (and hear) every word you say.


Some "Would you prefers"

To get a sense of whether or not we are compatible I have put together a list of "Would You prefers". For these I am definitely in the "B" list. This way you can get a sense of what I like and what I am about and if the "B" list is also what you would prefer then keep reading! Of course there is nothing wrong with any of the "A" list items, they are just not me.

Would you prefer on valentines day:

A. 1,000 dollars worth of the finest roses bought at the Florist and shipped in from Europe


B. In the spring before Valentine's Day I told you that I was planting common flowers in the garden for you for Valentine's Day and every day I would water and care for them, and when the weather got cold I would bring them in the house and continue to care for them - then on Valentine's day I will cut them and give them to you.

Would you prefer as a vacation:

A. Two weeks at a five star hotel in Paris


B. Two weeks on a road trip across America where the intent was the grand canyon but along the way we got several flat tires, the engine blew out, and while stranded somewhere between here and there we discovered a secret little bed and breakfast where every day we went for walks, met some interesting people, and never actually made it to the grand canyon.


May 1, 07 - I have started a garden. The Philosopher's Garden Do you like gardening?


May 8, 07 - I planted a pot of flowers for you today :

flowers for her

It is a wide variety of flower seeds and it should be quite beautiful when it blossoms. I promise to care for it every day. As they grow I will take more pictures so you can see how they blossom. I have used seeds. I just thought it fitting considering that is how a relationship grows - from the tiniest seeds of caring.


Your flowers

May 21, 07

Your flowers have begun to sprout. I do believe they are going to be quite beautiful, just like you :)






Flowers for you

June 4, 07

I have been watering and caring for them every day and they are doing wonderfully well. This is just like a relationship; with care it can blossom into quite a beautiful thing.




June 12 - Your flowers are doing very well. The sun is bright today and they have a wonderful green glow about them. A feather fell into them and I left it there. It reminds me of a story you might want to read about me... Go to this link and click on the feather Stories




October 29th, 07

It has been quite a while since I posted something to this page. But it doesn't mean that I haven't been thinking about you. I have. I carefully read over all of the things that I have written on this page so far and it is kind of funny but now I am 46, no longer 45 when I started this page. And, I feel a bit different about some of the things I have written. This is the way of things and the way of life, I am changing and growing. But, I am going to leave everything the same. I will just add to it as time goes by. Anyway, nobody has called yet, or written or emailed but I remain optimistic. I know you are out there somewhere. I can feel your presence.

About the flowers. They blossomed late in summer into a beautiful tangle of colors but I didn't take a picture. They have completed their cycle and I will plant more next spring.

Nov 19, 07

I spent the last few days sick and for the most part I just swaddled myself on the sofa. I don't think I had a fever but I am not sure. But for four days I drank so much ginger ale and ate so much chicken soup that now as I am feeling better I have to keep checking my skin. I swear it has turned a ginger color and I expect a chicken feather or two to sprout any day now.

It just makes me think that it would have been nice to have someone to make soup for me. Do you make chicken soup? The Campbells company makes nice chicken soup but there is just something missing.

Dec 24, 07 The whole of 2007 has practically passed. My search continues and I remain optimistic.

: On the night before christmas I have a present for you:



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