Thankyou Bird

Two years ago I started a garden in the backyard. It's nothing spectacular, about 4 feet by 30 feet and it runs along the back of the house. Last year I improved it a bit by adding a bird bath, some bricks, a suet feeder and a wonderful bramble of flowers that surrounded, and completely overtook the bird bath.

This year I am going to make it even more lush!


bluebirdOne day last summer I was working on the computer and I had all the windows open. It was just a gorgeous summer day; I was very engrossed in my work and all of a sudden I said "You're Welcome".

I shifted my focus out of my work and realized there was a song bird in my garden and he was singing a song of thanks for the beautiful little gift of garden, bath, and suet.

I just sat and listened to his song. It was quite beautiful and it really was a thankyou! If I was in my normal state of mind I would have never picked up on the message, I would have just heard a pretty song from a happy bird.

But his message came through to me. It is true.

We are all living creatures and we share many things in common. You can understand what the other creatures are saying - but sometimes it takes a bit of not trying.

Enjoy the garden you have built - and give thanks to whomever you believe you should give thanks to.

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