Two nights ago I had a wonderful idea. It really was. And it was something for this website.

I was just lying in bed and my mind was racing among its internal stars - hopping from one to the other. It was as if there were no roof on in my bedroom. And just like magic a new star popped into my head. It was sharp and bright and beautiful and I thought " I have to write this down". So I reached for my pad but it wasn't there.

I turned it around and around so I could remember it in the morning. Well, the next morning came and I couldn't remember it. It is now two days later and it hasn't come back. I have felt moments where I thought I could make out a glimpse of it's pale light but so far it hasn't come back.

This brings me to the point of this chatauqua - How many beautiful, wonderful and special ideas have been lost? Because they weren't written down, or painted, or composed, or acted, or sculpted or sang, or sewn, or planted, or shaped, molded, created, wired, assembled, carved, grown, kneaded, baked, pushed, pulled, or turned?

If you have an idea don't let it become lost.

I am so very sorry that I couldn't share my idea with you. It truly was something special to think about. If it comes to me I will share it. Until then I wonder where it has gone?