Thoughts On A Thunder Cloud


The Lightning has split my thoughts in two halves. I will give you a little bit of each half/thought.

When walking in a thunderstorm the remarkable potency of its strength gives you pause to think . You really feel small. This is a very powerful thing -yet, it is a thing that is so incomparably small to everything else. These little thunderstorms crawl around the globe, living and dying, lamenting and shrieking as they go. This glove revolves around a sun that, in its strenght and remarkable power, takes no notice of the thundercloud. The sun in turn spins in a galaxy so awe inspiring in its strength and power that it doesn't notice our tiny little sun.

Ok, you get the point of what I am saying there but listen to this:

Of all this remarkable and unmeasurable power that could consume us in without ever realizing it --- it doesn't?

Something, has wrapped us in a gentle swaddling of blue and green. this tiny little layer - meant for us to appreciate. It protects us from this power yet still shows us a bit of its hand.

Being as unmeasurably small as I am I can truly know nothing, but I can think.... And I think this swaddling is out of love.

The second half/thought of lightning

Its fashionable to say you love the rain, and you love lightning storms yet you bolt yourself up in the house when it rains, and jaunt from the door to the car, to the store to the car, to the door. The life you have created is off track. You have lost touch with what is real. All these things you think are not real. The next time you hear a thunderstorm approach, go outside without a coat or a cellphone and listen to what is real.