You Won the Lottery

I was drifting in the everything with an infinite number of others. It was ok but there was a vagueness to it. It was just a waiting for the time. It had no beginning - it was a forever drifting.

Then a voice came to me. It was the voice of the all that is and the all that ever will be.

It said to me: "I have a remarkable gift for you. It is now your time. You will see things and feel things and you will taste things and it is all so very beautiful. This is a very joyous time for you. Go ahead and enjoy every second of it. You will grow much, and afterward we will talk about it."

So now I hear and enjoy the buzzing of a bee. I taste the grainy sweetness of a pear. These things are not little things; they are very big things.

Every day I enjoy the gift I have been given. I have won the lottery of lotteries.

Do you realize that you have won the lottery too? Treat each day as if it is the first shopping day after cashing in the big winning ticket - because it is.